Sunday, 21 January 2018

Fruity Superpowers - Grapefruit!

Grapefruit?! Why Would I Wanna Eat That?

The grapefruit is often considered a controversial fruit: some people love it, some hate it. Call it the Marmite of the fruit world.

Today, we let you in on some mind-blowing facts about the orange's humble cousin. For example, did you know that grapefruits contain a huge amount of water? They have some of the highest H2O contents of all fruits, weighing in at a hefty 92% water

These days, choosing the right foods to nourish your body can become a bit of a minefield. So much emphasis is placed on 5-a-day, vitamins, minerals, protein, calorie intakes-- and you'd better hope you're getting enough fibre! Grapefruits contain lots of vitamins A and C, contributing to a strong immune system and helping wounds to heal efficiently. 

Another thing grapefruit has in plentiful supply are antioxidants, which are hiding out in the red and pink pigments of the flesh, but also in the pith (but we're not such a huge fan of that bit). Antioxidants can help prevent or slow down damage in cells, so they should definitely go on your list if you want to give your body some proper luuurve. 

Aside from all the amazing stuff above, the scent and flavour of grapefruit can also be a huge mood boost psychologically. Citrus fruits can be super helpful as a pick-me-up: that zingy, bright-eyed smell can really help to get you in the right headspace. 

So how do you eat a grapefruit to get all these great benefits? You could do the brave thing: cut the fruit in half, sprinkle the jewelled flesh with sugar and dig in with a spoon. Or you could use this recipe featured on the Bon AppĂ©tit website for a yummy chermoula (or salsa) to go with savoury dishes. It uses honey, ginger and lemon juice, among other things, while keeping the grapefruit centre stage. 
That's all we've got to say about grapefruit! We hope that you'll think about giving it a go, whether you're on an early-2018 health kick, or just want to add something new to your fruit bowl. If you discover any amazing recipes or ways to eat grapefruit, or have any healthy eating tips, please drop us a message to

Sincerely Madia & Matilda

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Beauty Spotlight on - Lola's Apothecary

Lola’s Apothecary

Today we are proud to introduce to you another like-minded brand whose products we sell via our website: Lola’s Apothecary! The brand is the creation of lovely Lola, and supplies our customers with incredibly fragrant things designed to nourish and pimp up your bod. “Belief in wellness and a holistic approach to life” lies firmly at the heart of Lola’s sweet self-care utopia (aka Devon). Um, can we move there please?

Indulge yourself or a loved one with a selection of the following...

The Delicate Romance Pocket Collection, with all its gorgeous rosy hues, is a perfect little taster of the delights offered by Lola’s Apothecary. Think Snape: this little package was definitely made to ‘ensnare the senses’! and a perfect unexpected gift for a loved one.

For a bath that leaves you with your skin feeling amazing (like, floating-on-clouds, double-choc-ice-cream amazing), pour a little of Lola’s award-winning “Queen of Roses” Bath Milk into your bath, hop in, and let it do its magic. Emma Watson, a huge advocate of sustainable fashion and beauty, swears by it. She calls it “amazing” and “incredible”, and we’re totally with her on that one.

Sweet Lullaby candle is made of a blend of all-natural plant waxes. Its layers of scent include a heart of lavender and ylang ylang, blended with patchouli, vanilla and sweet orange. With the recent focus on renewable energy and fuels, we’ve been extra careful to invest in non-petroleum based candles. You’re safe with this one, trust us!

This time of year can take its toll on your skin. Icy blasts outside, high central heating inside? If this sounds familiar, look no further for a skin-saving solution: Balancing Body Soufflé. Made from shea and coconut butters with camellia oil and fragranced with lots of amazing essential oils, this butter is also great as an after-sun treatment. Show your skin some love, ladies!

Tranquil Isle Bath Salt. I mean, who doesn’t need this?! 2018 has already proved just as hectic and stressful as 2017 for some of us. May we suggest pouring a small handful of this lovely stuff into a hot bath and letting everything float away for a little while? The bath salts contain chamomile, a gentle sedative, and vetivert, known for reducing tension and aiding sleep. Queue up here, and three cheers for Mother Nature!

Making and promoting great products which have a super low negative ecological impact on the planet is always our goal. We love telling you about fellow pioneers of happy, friendly products in the fashion and beauty industry, and hope you’re feeling the benefits of supporting small, local businesses!

Sincerely Madia & Matilda

Friday, 5 January 2018

What Are My Clothes Made Of?

Meet the Fabrics

This week, Madia & Matilda bring you their collective wisdom about fabrics, plus some cool stuff about being eco-friendly while you're being clothing friendly.

What d'you mean there's more ironing to do? Pass the wine Janice. 

Cotton: the Sturdy, Stand-By-Me Friend in the Squad
Cotton is pretty hardy, as fabrics go. Of the friendship group it's the dependable, wise friend you can always count on (who is also ultra-breathable and machine-washable). Cotton is a natural fibre which is lovely to wear next to the skin. 

Linen: the Comfy, Badass Grandma Who Has No Time for Your Rubbish
Another natural fibre, linen shares many of cotton's best qualities: it's breathable, durable and comfortable to wear. Linen's other great qualities are its amazing durability, non-stretchiness and keeps you cooler than cotton in the heat.

Silk: the Mind-Blowing, Ethereal, Emotionally Unstable Beauty Queen 
Silk is a natural fibre which is famously picky when it comes to care. However, it's such a beautiful fabric that many people just can't resist its charm. It's breathable, hypoallergenic and comfortable to wear, and that's just for starters! 

Wool: the Lovely Warm Grandad with the Scratchy Beard
Another natural, hypoallergenic fibre! Wool is incredible: cosy and comfy, both insulating and breathable, what's not to like?! (Unless you're vegan. Fair Play.) Wool is also dust-resistant (take that, dust allergies!). True, it can be scratchy, but nobody's perfect.

Polyester/Nylon: One Half of the Glam, Up-For-It Plastic Fantastics
Polyester and nylon are both man-made materials derived from plastic. They were invented in the '50s, and have enjoyed much fame since as a hardy material. Quick-drying and great at maintaining shape, polyester and nylon are good all-rounders. 

Acrylic: the Other Half of the Glam, Up-For-It Plastic Fantastics
Acrylic clothing is similar to polyester and nylon: versatile, easy to  wear and care for. Another synthetic plastic fibre, acrylic fibres were invented by the Germans in the '40s. If you're trying to buy less plastic, you may want to avoid buying acrylic clothing. 

Clothing Care and the Planet: Compatible?
Washing machines and electric dryers typically use lots of energy, but there are lots of ways you can cut down your energy consumption while giving your clothes great care. 
  • Wash your clothes less, e.g. wash jeans every week or so rather than every couple of days. Really, it's that simple! 
  • Use a biodegradable, petroleum-free washing detergent (see below!). Or you could use soap nuts, super cool little berries which are harvested largely from trees in India and Nepal. ("Chuck a few more nuts in the washing machine would you, honey?" Go on, you know you want an excuse to say that)
  • Give your dryer a rest (or send it into retirement) by letting your washing dry naturally. On a sunny, breezy day your washing could be dry in an hour. Amazing!
  • Make sure you're putting on full loads of washing instead of just a couple of items. This will save you money as well as reducing the amount of energy you use
  • Hand wash silk or wool items. This also reduces risk of the fabric warping or shrinking. Use a special wool/silk detergent and be gentle!
  • For other ways to make your clothing care greener, visit this link

Ecover and the Green Clean Crew
Ecover are champs of the green clean initiative. Created and based in Belgium, Ecover make effective cleaning products that smell amazing. You may have heard people saying that green cleaning products aren't as effective as mainstream, chemical-based ones, but it's just not true. Give it a go, and let us know what you think! Read more about the ethos of Ecover here.

Method also make beautiful clean products which clean beautifully well (try saying that three times fast!). Created by "former roommates" and fellow "superheroes" Adam and Eric, Method products are "gentler than a thousand puppy licks" and do a wonderful job of cleaning your home! How's that for endorsement?! For more about the Method method, click here.

Sincerely Madia & Matilda

Sunday, 31 December 2017

January: The Capsule Collection

The Capsule Collection

Welcome to the New Year lovelies! Today we bring you the mainstay of your wardrobe, the capsule collection to sustain you through the rest of winter and keep you happy until it finally starts warming up for real! We hope you've started the year on a high, and we're sure that the only way is up (or a gentle 4% gradient; just as long as we stick to the positive numbers).

Whatever you're in for this year, see it through in our simple, versatile styles: Jen, Greta, Belle, Rachelle and Angelica. 

Our Jen t-shirt is made of Jersey, perfect for days when you step outside to test the temperature and... Yep. Still cold. It's functional shape makes it a great contender for casual wear and a general wardrobe staple, ideal with Camille - capri trouser or maria - gathered Skirt. For an easy-fitting style our Angelica top is made from a similar jersey fabric and is a great cut to ease your self into the new year! 

Our lovely Greta! This blouse works everywhere: prep-up some jeans for a bit of smart-casual daywear, wear to work, or pair with a high-waisted skirt for a touch of elegance. 

And when the air warms up a bit, you've seen a few crocuses, you think you may survive the day without three coats, two scarves, gloves and hat... Bring out Belle! Wear over a long-sleeved t-shirt if it's still too early to take the plunge, otherwise brave the weather (or head to Spain) for a look that will instantly transport you into summer.

The floral detailing on the pockets of our Rachelle dress are a sprig of spring all year round. Also, who else is sick of having to choose between wearing a dress and having somewhere to put your phone?! Worry no more! Rachelle is a great choice for the daytime.

That's all for now.. However we have lots more in store for Feb; when we shall be celebrating 5 years of Madia & Matilda! Hope you enjoy reading our tips for a sustainable wardrobe and living.

Sincerely Madia & Matilda
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Monday, 25 December 2017

Best Christmas Films

Christmas Film Edit

Cuddle up, cuddle bunnies! Put on your dressing gowns, onesies, blankets; gather your mince pies, Bailey's, cats, small children, etc. The cosy Christmas film viewing is, for many families, as essential a part of the big day as dinner is. Here are a few well-acknowledged favourites. Is yours here? Drop us a comment to let us know! 

Home Alone
Ballsy little Kevin McAllister sets so many perfect booby traps that I'm always amazed villains Harry and Marv make it out alive. Any else have great memories of crying with laughter during this film? Did you wet yourself? 

Will Ferrell stars as a larger-than-life, Christmas-obsessed elf who spends most of the movie getting into scrapes with cynical New Yorkers. The tights definitely make it for us.  

Image credit: IMDb
A Charlie Brown Christmas
Vintage Charlie Brown? Can't be beaten! The 1965 special was initially predicted to bomb magnificently, but won an honorary Emmy years later! Who could watch this without falling in love with Snoopy all over again? 

The Nightmare Before Christmas
A little darker than the other movies on this list (though still full of fun!), The Nightmare before Christmas is about Jack Skellington's attempts to bring Christmas to his Halloween hometown. Tim Burton heads up the writer's team working on this movie. 

The Grinch
A Christmas villain manages to finally redeem himself with the villagers of Whoville in this adaptation of Dr. Seuss's picture book, written in 1957. Great fun, plus a green villain! What's not to like?

Image credit: Bristol Film Festival

Miracle on 34th Street

A heart warming, dreams-can-come-true tale. The premise sounds improbable (who takes Father Christmas to court?!) but essentially this is a story about a young girl's belief in something adults repeatedly tell her is not real. So there! Santa does exist! 

What do you like to watch at Christmas? Who do you watch it with?
Drop us a comment and let us know! 

Sincerely Madia & Matilda

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Fashion Edit: Bring Out the Blues!

Outfit ideas that have you covered—
from the club to work's Christmas do!
Image credit: Disney Princess
Blue is a classy colour, no doubt about that. We've selected a few pieces below in the cool hue, which are perfect for going out in, whatever the occasion. We've thrown in a great pair of snazzy vegan shoes for good measure. There's also some stunning jewellery from Lily Flo. So just be blue— on the outside, not the inside!

Team our Delia dress with Lily Flo's bar necklace (pictured below) for a statement look.

There's nothing like a flared skirt for dancing, ask Cinderella! How about wearing our sassy Sapphire dress (above) with a sparkly long-sleeved top underneath for colder nights? 

Accessories are key, but that doesn't mean you have to go crazy (unless you're into that!). Keep it simple and subtle with Lily Flo's rose gold stud earrings, pictured above, and let your dance moves do the talking! Also, know that feeling when you wear massive dangly earrings and they whack you in the eye? Not great.

Bourgeois Boheme makes stylish, animal-free footwear. Above is their classic Kate style, perfect for any event! (And *psst* — that's our sweet pink Stone skater dress too!)

Why should dresses have all the fun? Playsuits are very popular, and we totally get it because you can wear them anywhere! Team our Ivy playsuit with a cropped jacket and you're good to go.

Put together a killer outfit this month? Tag us in a pic, we'd love to see!

Sincerely Madia & Matilda